IF Prep

Automation for Immuno-Fluorescence (IFA) Slides

The IF Prep is an automated instrument for Immuno-fluorescence slide processing. Reliable and built with the latest technologies, it can manage all the IFA slide protocols from sample pre-dilution, sample and reagent dispensation to the incubation and slide washing.


The high quality components of the IF Prep make it a powerful and reliable system for processing immuno-fluorescent slides for a wide range of laboratory needs from medium to high throughput. It offers high capacity sample racks (up to 150 sample tubes and 216 dilution tubes), and high capacity slide racks (up to 16 slide slots).


Based on the already proven and broadly used immuno-fluorescence technique, the automated IF Prep makes the task of preparing IFA slides much easier and eliminates incubation or pipetting error caused by human manipulation or distraction.

Key Features

The MBL-Bion ANA (Hep-2) Slides, distributed exclusively by Qualisys in Canada, are known to be of the highest quality on the market today in the field of autoimmune IFA, the gold standard. Qualisys has coupled these superior slides to the best instrument on the market, the IF Prep. The throughput of the IF Prep allows the user to process up to 144 ANA samples per instrument in each run. Being an open and versatile platform, the IF Prep system can run any IFA slide protocols, from sample predilution, samples and reagent transfer, to incubation and slide washing.

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