High Throughput Walk-Away Microplate Analyzer

The Alisei is the result of our long experience with open systems for ELISA testing, installed in more than 300 laboratories. This latest model, a walk-away analyzer for large routines, has been on the domestic and international market since 2002. Alisei, the third generation of our automated equipment, offers an evolution in microplate automation.

Key Benefits

Key Software Features

The management program of the Alisei is resident on an external PC. The handling software is advanced, user-friendly and self-explanatory. The software is able to handle different test-methods during the same test run, such as ALLERGY and AVIDITY, together with other ELISA tests.


The highly sophisticated electronic and mechanical technology, together with its compact design, make the Alisei a complete instrument. Its flexibility and adaptability offers a cost-effective and time-saving solution to meet the needs of any laboratory.

Six Microplate Supports

Each microplate is independent for incubation and shaking at different temperatures and speeds. Alisei can be configured for high throughput testing (up to 12 concurrent assays and 380 samples readable by bar code), thus offering an excellent performance with great benefits.

Fast and Safe Dispensing System

The dispensing system includes two independent needles, which are able to aspirate from two adjacent samples, or from the same reagent, to be dispensed into two separate wells at once. Each needle is associated to a dilutor with two syringes; one of 2500 μL and one of 1000 μL, respectively for reagent and sample dispensing. A liquid and clot detector is provided for each needle in order to ensure the correct functioning of the system.

Bar-Code for Samples and Reagents

A bar-code system, centered among the four racks, allows accurate identification of both samples and reagents, preventing any possible error by the user.

Efficient Washing Station

The microplates are automatically carried into an independent washing station consisting of an eight channel manifold with double, parallel needles, capable of washing both "U" and flat bottomed micro wells. Up to 4 different washing solutions can be handled separately.

Precision Photometer

The reading station is an 8 channel optic fibre photometer with interferential filters, mounted on a support capable of holding up to 8 wavelength filters from 400 to 700 nm.

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