Qualisys Diagnostics Inc. is proud to offer a range of innovative automation options catered to the specific needs of each Canadian laboratory.

  • The HELIOS is the first fully automated IFA Processor & Reader with built-in microscope.
  • The HELIA is the first fully automated Line Immunoassay analyzer with built-in camera.
  • HERA is a middleware that converts data into information.
  • The DS2 is a small but powerful fully automated ELISA platform.

Upcoming in our pipeline is a chemiluminescent instrument with extensive autoimmune menu.

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First Fully Automated IFA Processor & Reader (All-in-One)

We offer the latest automation for autoimmune testing with the ONLY all-in-one IFA instrument on the market today: the HELIOS (processor & reader with built-in microscope).

NOW AVAILABLE with humidity and temperature control: HELIOS HTC.

  • WALK-AWAY - First walk-away IFA processor & reader ALL-IN-ONE with small footprint
  • HIGH THROUGHPUT - Up to 190 samples, 20 slides, 4 different substrates per run
  • INTEGRATED LED MICROSCOPE - No user intervention to coverslip or transfer slides
  • STANDARDIZATION - Image capture ensures accuracy regardless of operator
  • FULL TRACEABILITY - Sample & slide barcode readers ensure traceability throughout process
  • PATTERN RECOGNITION - Autonomously provides pre-classification suggestion of IFA pattern
  • END-POINT TITER ESTIMATION - Saves time and reagents

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Automated Immunoblot Analyzer (Autoimmunity, Allergy, Food Intolerance & Infectious Serology)

The HELIA is an automated analyzer for line immunoassays. The HELIA system can perform all immunoblot processing steps, and with a built-in camera module, it is able to read and report results. The HELIA was developed to simplify and automate immunoblot testing with a focus on standardization, minimal footprint and easy implementation.

  • WALK-AWAY - Total immunoblot automation from primary sample tube to result interpretation
    • Up to 9 different AESKUBLOT tests per run
    • Up to 40 strips (patients) in total per run
  • INTEGRATED high resolution camera
  • TRACEABILITY - Complete tracking of entire immunoblot procedure

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Convert Data Into Information

HERA enables the central management of analytical instruments that support global process control and ensure a complete response to the connectivity requirements of analytical laboratories.

  • DATA INTEGRATION - Connects all your lab routines: any reagent, any device, any place!
  • FLEXIBILITY - Flexible rule engine allows you to configure your own workflow
  • EFFICIENCY - Manage and review all relevant information, recent or stored

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ELISA Processor

The DS2 is a small but powerful fully automated ELISA platform.

  • THROUGHPUT - 100 samples processing (two 96-well microplates) with small footprint
  • NO CARRY-OVER - Up to 216 sample tips, 20 reagent tips
  • FLEXIBILITY - Open platform able to perform up to 4 different assays simultaneously